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Aug 2012, Unified Field Collective Vol. 1
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Feb 2008, Seattle - Bad Ideas poster show - Society Co. Gallery
Sep 2008, Seattle/Tehran, Iran - Seattle x Tehran poster show - Bumbershoot/Design Commission
Nov 2008, Seattle - Abominable Snowman show - Tether Inc.
Jun 2009, Seattle - 100 Years; For Better or Worse show - Gallery 4Culture
Aug 2009, Seattle - The Stranger's Poster Of The Week poster show retrospective - Vermillion Gallery
Sep 2009, Seattle/Moscow, Russia - Seattle x Moscow poster show - Bumbershoot
Sep 2009, Seattle - Pistache Project x CMRTYZ presents: Mixing Minds
Dec 2009, Seattle - Night of the Living Shred: CMRTYZ trunk sale/show/party- Cairo Gallery
Dec 2009, Berlin - Quartier206 Departmentstore-Cabinet install
Jan 2010, Seattle - Northern Exposure poster show - URSA Minor Gallery
Mar 2010, Seattle - Happy Home: New Works by CMRuiz - Design Commission / Opening Night Recap
Jun 2010, Brooklyn - CMRTYZ presents... CMRTYZ is A.OK
Jun 2010, New York City - Psychedelic Summer: group show and pop-up shop installation - Rare Gallery
Oct 2010, Vancouver - Monsters - Lion's Den
Nov 2010, Seattle - Bilocal New Orleans Benefit show - Tether Design Gallery
Nov 2010, Seattle - CMRTYZ presents... Warehouse party art reception for Hunter Hancock
Dec 2010, Seattle - Miniature Pieces show - Ghost Gallery
Jan 2011, Seattle - WinterGreen One-Day installation with Frank Correa - Chloe
Mar 2011, Seattle - CMRuiz art at Essential Bakery
Mar 2011, Seattle - CMRTYZ presents... Walgreens - An art installation by Cassie Ramone - 619 Building
Mar 2011, Austin - CMRTYZ presents.. SiiickXSW 2011
May 2011, Seattle - Vignettes: Obscure Television Characters - El Capitan Apartments
Jun 2011, Portland - Skid Road to Floating World - Floating World Comics
Jul 2011, Brookyln - CMRTYZ presents.. Vile Bodies - New works by Martha Hipley - Future Babycastles
Aug 2011, Brooklyn - Los Amigos II with Frank Correa - Moves
Sep 2011, Brooklyn - Fool's Gold with Martha Hipley - Monster Island // Live With Animals Gallery
Oct 2011, Brooklyn - CMRTYZ presents.. Charged C.M.B. Showcase with Lady Bree and Sailor Jerry - Future Babycastles
Jan 2012, Seattle - CMRTYZ presents.. "Scerd" A first art show by Lelah Maupin - Ghost Gallery
Mar 2012, Austin - CMRTYZ presents... SiiickXSW 2012
May 2012, Seattle- Fungi Girl by CMRuiz - Cairo Gallery
Sep 2012, Seattle- Nepo 5k Don't Run- Various
Sep 2012, Seattle- #1 Inside Job Let's Roll - Derek Erdman's International House of Paintings
Mar 2013, Seattle- Fungi Girl - Land Management Gallery
Jul 2013, London - Freak Flags - Rough Trade East
Aug 2013, Seattle - Vigil: Inspired By Memory - Love City Love


Dolce Vita DV8

Videos collected from marketing campaigns viewable through links in the Videos section below..


Fungi Girl Issue 01
CMR x JRFurbush collab mini zine
CMRTYZ x ZUCCa s/s2012 lookbook zine
CMR Journal online serial
CMRTYZ Lookbook 2010
CMR Lineout posts on


Totokaelo Man
Dolce Vita DV8
UW Rainy Dawg Bday Fest X
Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce: Blitz Art Walk 4th Anniversary
Arabica Lounge (pre-open install)
Ty McBride Industries
BWN Music/Sound
Motel - Electric Vintage Furniture
Love Is Greater Than Witchcraft


New York Times
Dell Computers
Dolce Vita DV8
Converse Shoes
Rough Trade Records
Sailor Jerry's Rum
Vice Magazine
Viso Energy Drinks
KEXP 90.3 FM
Intel Computers
Fleet Foxes
Zana Bayne
The Stranger, Seattle
Los Campesinos!
Discorder Magazine
Sub Pop Records
Rough Trade Records
...tons of bands, labels, friends


CMRTYZ Presents.. #OMGFreeShoes with Dolce Vita DV8 recap
CMRTYZ presents.. Fungi Girl art show panorama
SiiickXSW 2013: Thee Oh Sees set
SiiickXSW 2012: K-Holes "Rats"
SiiickXSW 2012: The Mallard "Mansion"
SiiickXSW 2012: Xray Eyeballs "Thought I Knew Her"
SiiickXSW 2012: Guantanamo Baywatch "Boomerenga"
SiiickXSW 2012: Thee Oh Sees "Enemy Destruct"
SiiickXSW 2012: Thee Oh Sees "Poison Finger"
SiiickXSW 2012: Commercial/Trailer
Tour of CMRTYZ studio
Weedy Allen Interview
CMRTYZ/Viso: Chapter 24
CMRTYZ/Viso: Grave Babies
CMRTYZ/Viso: Unnatural Helpers
CMRTYZ/Viso: Guantanamo Baywatch
Designer Travel S01E05: Seattle
SiiickXSW 2011: VideWhoa version
SiiickXSW 2011: Davila 666 "Pingorocha y la Diva Rockera"
SiiickXSW 2011: Davila 666
SiiickXSW 2011: Reading Rainbow
SiiickXSW 2011: Shannon And The Clams
SiiickXSW 2011: Thee Oh Sees "I Was Denied"
SiiickXSW 2011: Thee Oh Sees "I Was Denied" (2)
SiiickXSW 2011: Thee Oh Sees "Meat Step Lively" and "Dead Energy"
SiiickXSW 2011: Thee Oh Sees "Meat Step Lively"
SiiickXSW 2011: Thee Oh Sees "Meat Step Lively" (2)
SiiickXSW 2011: Thee Oh Sees "Dead Energy"
SiiickXSW 2011: Thee Oh Sees "Enemy Destruct"
SiiickXSW 2011: Butts "Relax"
Ziskis "I Know A Guy" (band practice)
Ziskis "Love What I Do" (at the beach)
TYZ skate vid with our BC friends
FADERTV: Psychedelic Summer at Rare
Happy Home at Design Commission timelapse
CMRTYZ presents.. The Beets in-store at Blackbird
CMRTYZ presents.. Ty Segall in-store at Blackbird
CMRTYZ presents.. Christmas LIVE at Happy Home
CMRTYZ presents.. The Beets in-store at Cairo pt. 1
CMRTYZ presents.. The Beets in-store at Cairo pt.2
CMRTYZ presents.. Jacuzzi Boys in-store at Cairo
CMRTYZ presents.. The Babies "All Things Come To Pass" at Psychedelic Summer NYC
CMRTYZ presents.. The Babies "Caroline" at Psychedelic Summer NYC
CMRTYZ presents.. The Beets at Psychedelic Summer